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Pregnancy and Presence

Each pregnancy journey is unique to each mother. Pregnancy and Presence is a guide that gives you support to connect deeply with your realizations, pains, and joys. This book teaches you that everything you feel on the journey is welcome.

"This is a book that can be returned to time and time again during pregnancy and motherhood; its message is universal and its impact potentially profound. I highly recommend this book as an essential part of prenatal and postnatal care for all pregnant women."

— Janani Krishnaswami M.D., M.P.H.

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Pregnancy and Presence asks the most important question of mothers - have you checked in with you? Explore empowering practices designed to create a deeper experience of connection with your Self.

Pregnancy and Presence is an experience of stretching spiritually.

Filled with personal stories, journaling exercises, and guided meditations, this book is an invitation to connect with an open hearted attention to the unfolding of the experience as it is.

Put the book on your bedside table and open it up daily for simple practices to connect you to the present moment, your life giving breath, and your highest guidance within.